Sports Media Investment

OS Media Investment represents approximately 25% of the US sports media marketplace, providing best-in-market pricing, first-looks, marketplace intel, and negotiation leverage. As the original sports marketing agency backed by a media holding company, we deliver measurable value across the media ecosystem by putting brands into the biggest moments in sports.



Marketplace Intelligence

Our team combines proprietary tools and data analytics with years of marketplace experience and relationships to predict market trends and provide a unique outlook into the sports media landscape.


Strategic Media Investment

OS utilizes its unduplicated knowledge and decades-long relationships to monitor marketplace opportunities and identify media partners that enable our clients to reach target audiences and deliver measurable results.


Media Negotiations & Placement

We combine marketplace intelligence and years of experience navigating media markets in leveraging assets to provide clients with maximum value on their investments through media cost efficiencies and value outside of the ad environment.


Integrated Value Negotiation

Our team secures value beyond purchased advertising time connecting brands with their target audiences in unique ways. In leveraging assets through our media investment team, OS delivers exclusive marketing opportunities that fulfill client initiatives and goals.


Partner First Looks & Innovation

Through strategic negotiations, OS offers clients first to market opportunities, custom research studies and innovative sponsorships to help clients stand out for competitors and push business forward.


High Profile Media Sponsorship

Aligning with clients’ strategic goals, OS create unique partnerships resonating with target audiences within the biggest moments in sports and culture.

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